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How Can Students Manage Their Online Assignments?

There is no doubt that online learning has changed the way of learning and teaching. It provides flexibility for students to learn from anywhere and at any time. However, no matter how much the mode of education changes, the essential things about learning should stay the same. One such thing is homework. Teachers know the importance of homework for students, but online learning changes the way students do homework.

Usually, when teachers give homework to students, they do it in their notebooks and then submit it the next day to get it checked by teachers, but this changes in online learning. 

In online learning, teachers upload assignments and homework on the software for school management from where students need to read questions, solve and upload their answers. It seems easier, but teachers have noticed that students often forget to open and check for newly uploaded assignments. This causes problems for teachers and students; so, what’s the solution for this? This article will inform you how to manage online assignments and homework.

Send Notification To Students:  This is the first and basic thing that teachers can do to ensure that students are informed about new assignments uploaded on the online teaching app or LMS. Teachers can do so by informing them during the online class that a new assignment is going to be uploaded. Another way is to send notifications on the online classroom board and online student groups. When students are informed about the latest update in their assignments they will be alerted that they need to finish it.

Train Students To Use Technology: Another reason students not submitting online assignments or homework can be they face difficulty using technology. This can be solved if teachers train and help students with every step of writing and submitting online assignments. That is why most schools organize online workshops before implementing school ERP or LMS so that teachers and students both are familiar with the technology and use it to its maximum potential.

Streamline Your Learning Resources: There is another problem that teachers face other than the non-submission of assignments, which is unorganized online assignments files. This is a problem because when teachers open the online assignments they see how unorganized all the uploads are, some without names or the right details. And it makes the online checking process harder for teachers, to solve this problem teachers can streamline this whole process. Streamlining the whole process includes making one stop for submitting the assignments and there is the best school management software that has the feature of automating the whole process. This will make it easier for students to submit the online assignments and easier for teachers to grade and give feedback too.

Create a Routine: Having a fixed routine or schedule is important, that is the central reason why schools and educational institutes have timetables for every task. This same process needs to be followed in online learning. Teachers need to have a fixed schedule for storing online assignments so that they can review them and provide the right feedback. This will help the students to check and review their progress and perform better in assignments.

Don’t Wait For the Due Date: Delaying the work to the last minute, is another problem because of which students are unable to submit their online assignments on time. After teachers have notified and left messages on the student’s group, it becomes the student’s responsibility to complete their assignments on time and submit them on the portal within the due date.

Create More Learning Resources: Not understanding the questions is another reason that students find it hard to complete their assignments. Teachers can help students with their assignments even virtually, by creating resource folders in which they can add reference links and educational videos related to assignments so that students can better understand the assignments and complete them on time.

Teach Organizational Skills: Just like teachers impart the theoretical knowledge of books to the students, they need to teach skills like organizational and time-management skills to the students. This is important because when students have these skills, they will understand the importance of completing the work on time.  

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